Arrakis arc-15 manual by mudvxdo
May 15th, 2019, 10:58 pm


Arrakis offers its ARC-10 console in three configurations. as the manual does not include any detailed schematics for troubleshooting. but users of the more recent ARC-15 console may not like being without the use of a studio. The relationship between Mono Mixdown and Pan Law. especially using negative values but anyway; the manual says "0 dB turns off constant-power panning", which to me implies there is always something going on unless you set it to "0". Welcome to the Gearslutz Pro Audio Community! Hook it up using cables ordered through Arrakis; or make your own using common Cat-5 network cables wired to appropriate plugs. If you go the self-fabrication route, the color code is printed in the manual and is the same standard scheme used for analog audio by all other manufacturers. Headphones are connected to a 3.5mm socket on the rear panel. Arrakis ARC-10 Broadcast Audio Console Review. The ARC-10 by Arrakis Systems is an inexpensive 10 channel audio console targeted to the would-be podcaster, Part 15 broadcaster and webcaster. They have expanded the series with the ARC-15 console which includes 5 additional audio inputs. Arrakis Arc 15 Channel Broadcast Console- good condition-on air radio production. No printed manual is included but a copy may be downloaded here if required. The unit has been tested by connecting an audio source to the send input and an amp/speaker to the mix output. ARC-15 Analog Console 15 Channels. Analog Console. Flexible & Powerful. 15 Channels - with 15 channels you can connect more and do more. 8 to 12 Line In inputs allows you to connect to CD players, mp3 players and other analog sources. Specialties: Radio Transmitters, Radio Broadcasting Equipment, Sound Mixer, FM Transmitters, Audio Equipment, FM Broadcast Transmitter, FM Radio Transmitter, FM Broadcast Antenna, Low Power FM Transmitter, Low Power Transmitter, Low Power FM Antenna, FM Receiver, FM Antenna, AM Transmitter, AM Radio Transmitter, AM Receiver, Radio

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